APRIL 2019

WO24apr20:0022:30Birdpenism Paradiso melancholischpoprock

DO25apr19:3023:00Donna Blue+ Dingbat Superminx + Someone dreamwaveelectropop

26apr(apr 26)20:3027(apr 27)03:00Pen & Mike's koningsnachtKIEFF x Songchoo Club x Sovay x Isa x Youri garagelive drawing

MEI 2019

WO01may20:0022:30Altopaloism Paradiso alternative popelektronische r&b

DO02may20:0022:30Pigs Pigs PigsPigs Pigs Pigs Pigs // ism Paradiso acid rockpsychedelische metalstoner

VR03may20:0022:30Charly Blissism Paradiso alt-rockpower pop

DI07may20:0022:30Lee Bains III & The Glory Firesism Paradiso countrygospelpowerpop

WO08may20:0022:30Jakob Ogawaism Paradiso electro poplo-fisynths

DO09may20:0023:00TOON.geluiden uit de Pijp muziekspoken wordverhalen

VR10may20:0023:00Camilla Blue + Belle and the Beats free jazzpop noir

ZO12may20:0022:30The Essex Greenindiestad festival!

MA13may20:0022:30Current Joysindiestad festival! alternative poplo-fi

WO15may20:0022:30Man of Moonindiestad festival! psychedelische rockrock

DO16may20:0022:30Will and The People (sold out)indiestad festival! poprockska

VR17may20:0022:30Will and The People (sold out)indiestad festival! poprockska

ZA18may14:0017:00Will and The People (sold out)indiestad festival! poprockska

ZO19may20:0022:30Talosism Paradiso duisterelektronische r&b

MA20may20:0022:30Jordan Rakei (sold out)ism Paradiso alternative R&Bneo-soul

WO22may19:3023:00Nablijven (CvA Maydays)Wowie the Powie, Toroco, STiCKFiGS Dreampopkrautrock

VR24may20:0022:30Stakeism Paradiso post-metalsludge

25may(may 25)20:0026(may 26)03:00Les Grys-GrysWAP SHOO WAP 60s beatgarage rock

ZO26may20:0022:30Mildlifeindiestad festival! Dreampopkrautrock

WO29may20:0022:30Zwoel - Price I Love Coupleism GRAP electro popindiepsychedelische folk

DO30may20:0022:30Zhaozeism GAG + Cofucius Institute chinapop punkprogressive rock

VR31may20:0022:30Shaemless IIIIEP release garage rock