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We invite you to join us at the next edition of the Scopophilia art festival on 12th May at Cinetol. You can look forward to various forms of art art ranging from paintings and photography to film and live performances. Needless to say, there will also be an abundance of food, beer, wine and other beverages your heart might desire.


“Seventh heaven on cloud nine,
just don’t fall,
you’d break your spine.”

cloud nine (noun, informal): a feeling of well-being or elation; usually used with the preposition “on”.

As humans, we have long strived to transcend the physical bodies and world we are bound to. The Babylonians built a tower in an attempt to reach the heavens, only to be punished by losing the ability to communicate with each other. Today, the internet goes some way in mitigating the language barrier; it also allows us to transfer much of our lives into this immaterial realm we have created – emblematically referred to as ’the cloud’. Although we have reaped many benefits from this creation, as our being becomes increasingly dependent on this cloud we must remain conscious of the dire effects this could have on our existence as humans. After all, in every childhood there comes a sad moment when one learns that it is impossible to hug a cloud. Are we slowly evaporating?”

digitalisation – technology – uploaded consciousness – the cloud -social media – dependency

// zaterdag 12 mei
// 15:00
// entree tba

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