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This summer LAB 111 and Cinetol invite you on a cinematic vacation! Now that we’re slowly leaving the confines of our homes again it’s time to dream of distant destinations. Every Saturday in August we’ll invite you to open air movie screenings in the garden of Cinetol which will each take you to a different country; be it sun-drenched Sweden (Midsommar), fairytale like France (Amélie) or incandescent Italy (Fellini’s Amarcord) we’ve got a destination of your liking!
Are you 20 years old or younger and do you feel like checking out these films? In that case we have good news for you: entry is free for visitors under 21 years old! You can register via:

€11 | incl. headphones | Cineville ✓

◈ Cidade De Deus (2002) | Brazil | English subtitles
A violent, thoroughly electrifying vision of Rio during the volatile 1970s, and possibly the first great crime film of the 21st century. There’s nothing particularly heavenly about the “City of God,” a housing development thrown up on Rio’s outskirts during the 1960s to help alleviate the homeless overflow from the city’s teeming slums. Over the next two decades, it’ll become a breeding gang for some of Rio’s most vicious gangs.

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