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Radio Tempo Não Pára proudly presents an exclusive premiere screening of “Composing Freedom”, a documentary by visual anthropologist Sarah Vasen. For this special occasion, we return to our beloved Cinetol in a bit of a different setting. The dancefloor, which we thank many special memories, is now filled with comfy chairs and sofas. Before the screening, there will be live music by Lulu and LazerGazer.

About the film

Music is more than just a sequence of sounds reaching our being. It can bring back memories, call up fantasies, dreams, feelings, and emotions. Music can destroy borders and connect us. Palestine has been under occupation since 1948, which impacts lives every day. Freedom is limited, because of restrictions within society and imposed identities by Israel. Inspired by her own experiences as a musician in the Netherlands, Sarah Vasen explores the meaning of music for young Palestinians. Does music open up for vulnerability within the hard realities of everyday life? How does music enrich lives of the new generation in Palestine?

About the maker

Sarah Vasen is a young documentary maker and visual anthropologist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After graduating from her BA Media and Culture and MA Visual Ethnography she wants to continue making films which highlight human qualities and similarities across the world, building on empathy instead of the aspects that divide us. Her first short documentary gives a glimpse into the life of a nomad in Tagounite, Morocco, which was shown at 2Doc Makers van Morgen. During her second short documentary she asks herself how it is to be a student, especially a female student, in the Islamic Republic of Iran. In her latest documentary she explores the meaning of music for young Palestinians in the West Bank. Currently, she is learning Arabic and getting inspired for upcoming documentaries.


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Screening ‘Composing Freedom’ + music by Lulu
𝘕𝘌𝘞 𝘋𝘈𝘛𝘌 // 19th of June

Show 1 
Doors | 15:30
Showtime | 16:00
Ticket | 12,-  (uitverkocht)

Show 2 
Doors | 18:30
Showtime | 19:00
Ticket | 12,- 

Show 3 
Doors | 21:30
Showtime | 22:00
Ticket | 12,- 


Trailer: https://vimeo.com/462578019
Read Sarah’s three personal experiences while making the documentary: radio-tnp.com/Blog



Bij het concert is er in kader van de Coronarichtlijnen plek voor 28 man publiek. Hierbij houden we rekening met de voorgeschreven 1,5 afstand. Gelieve dit te respecteren ivm de gezondheid van de medebezoekers ♡