DO06sep20:3023:00Fenster + Van CommonSubbacultcha! groovyhypnogogicplayful poppsychedelic

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Cinetol, Amsterdam

Berlin, DE

Van Common
Amsterdam, NL

Snakes shed their skin to allow for further growth. Fenster go trough a similar process – excelling and transcending, bolstered by their previous work. The Room, Fenster’s fourth album, marks the beginning of a new evolutionary phase for the band. After releasing three full-length projects, a feature length film, and touring extensively throughout Europe and North America since 2012, the band is ready to show the world their next sonic expansion. With Van Common supporting the night, Cinetol will be a window framing music that is as dreamy as it is groovy, as progressive as it is hypnogogic and as mind-altering as it is playful.

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