WO12feb20:0023:00FFOOSSEP Release fuzzy trashpopindierock 'n roll

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Dutch troublemakers FFOOSS combine their love of sarcasm, pop culture and self-mockery. No fuss here, just straightforward rock ’n’ roll! With their energetic outbursts, the two coerce their audience to fully participate. So don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a wall-of-death or moshpit. The band releases its first EP “My Life As a Teenage Wanker” through White Russian Records on the 7th of February.

Öhne Umlaut
German disco music that takes you by the hand to guides you through the crazy experiences of 80’s afterparties. So get ready to dance! Das ist gut für deine Gesundheit.

Amsterdam glitter punk band started as a solo project which accidentally booked a show in London. Now they’re a mean, nail polished, punkrock machine

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