ZA26may20:0023:59Freak Heat Waves + New FriesSubbacultcha! groovypost punkpost-humanistic electronics

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Freak Heat Waves
Victoria, British Columbia

New Fries
Toronto, Ontario

Raw post-punk meets groovy experimentation for an explosive amalgam of growly guitars, choppy drums and husky yet colorful vocals. What is the result, you ask? Well, let Montreal’s very own Freak Heat Waves answer this best through their sound and energy, which crystalize electrifyingly at the tip of your fingers, and produce not merely an affect of melody, but a texture that is virtually palpable. Post-humanistic electronics co-exist with playful emotiveness, and the band refuses to see a problem in that. To join them in on subverting the industry’s norms are Toronto’s self-described non-musicians New Fries, who are on to generate not just a sound, but their own universe of No Wave- immersed spirit.

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