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Living Room Sounds is a place for purely independent music, sine waves, echoes in the groove, bleeps and sub sounds.

For this edition we are pleased to invite Brazilian heroes from ATR and bass music collective Unified Cortex featuring John Lee Kusher and Dusty Paul.

Aeromoças e Tenistas Russas

With 9 years existence and 3 released records, the band ATR (Aeromoças e Tenistas Russas) is a instrumental music project free from labels and formats. Having played over 350 concerts in Brazil, in addition to tours in Argentina and Uruguay, 6 videoclips and 2 DVDs, their third album Positrônico (2016) is a milestone in the band’s development. In 2017, ATR prepares MIDI, a vinyl compact of 2 unpublished songs, and reinvents the repertoire. In this new work, the electronic is more explored and the instruments are changed, leaving behind the progressive rock and the immersive mood, for a new identify, energetic and electronic interaction with the public.https://soundcloud.com/aeromocas

Unified Cortex feat. Dusty Paul and John Lee Kusher –

Unified Cortex is a new international bass music collective launched in 2016, they stand for a wide spectrum of bassmusic and high contrast in styles! Producers Dusty paul and John Lee Kusher are featured on records by Unified Cortex and coming to play killer a set ! https://soundcloud.com/unifiedcortex