ZA26jan19:3000:00Martial Canterel+ Tvnel + Julio Tornero + Délage (synth wave fiesta) italo discosynthWave

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We are very happy you invite you to this little birthday rendez-vous as Carmen aka Bouet is turning 30 and Tono aka Tvnel is also getting one year older by the same time!

+++International bakala party +++ bous al carrer +++

(((( More info to come )))))


Doors 19.30

►Délage (AMS) 20.00


There’s no denying the bleak taste of backwash
that comes with stepping into the darker side of
infatuation; sometimes a good long stroll through
fool’s paradise is what you need to cure a broken
state of mind. Mumbled love songs might enlighten
the darkness, the break ups, unanswered calls
and voicemail confessions. We know there is a
side to love that is not so romantic – the painful
sacrifice, the killing of time, the feeling of necessity
– the narcism.
Northern German singer-songwriter „Délage“
introduces to you true blue sounds from a heavy
heart. The Amsterdam-based musician drags over
distant but constant rhythms from lo-fi synthesizers
and lonely guitar echoes, soliciting us to call him.
„Délage“ is performing live alone or with his band
„The Togetherness“ – a choir on a blue night
insuring there will be someone, somehow,
somewhere cause even though their might be
darkness on the way the sun keeps shinning up
there and in the end who does really care?

►Julio Tornero (VLC) 21.00


►Tvnel (VLC) 22.00

Post-electronic anti-crooner.
Electro-synthetic dreams, nightmares and tales of an analog soul through the digital era. No nostalgia, no revivals, nothing more than feelings…

Technopop / País valencià / LP release soon @ Dark entries records

Demo (2014) here: https://tvnel.bandcamp.com/

►Martial Canterel (NYC) 23.00


Martial Canterel’s Sean McBride is the progenitor of American cold synth sounds of the 21st Century. He began under the moniker Moravagine before he started releasing limited edition cassettes and playing Brooklyn dives as Martial Canterel in 2002. Since then, McBride’s bleak intellectual exercises in the dark and danceable have flooded North America and Europe through the frosty fairwaves paved by Pieter Schoolwerth’s Wierd Records. With an inimitable minimal style merging bright, urgent melodies ornamented and punctuated by the noises of industry and McBride’s sonorous, stern vocals.
McBride’s influence can be heard in scores of bands in the Wierd cadre and beyond (he is also one half of the Weird Records duo Xeno & Oaklander). Through the collision of a uniquely humanistic means of production via live analogue synthcraft expertly paired with vocals and lyrics that reflect the pitfalls and pleasures of our age, Martial Canterel provides a visceral kick best felt on the dancefloor, amidst a flurry of flesh in motion.”


►Dj Charlie (KRK) 00.00


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presale tickets 10 eur
12 at the door

Artwork by Miquel Hervás Gómez aka Miguelito.



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