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Mo Bedick presents SICKO debut EP:

“In the suburbs of Oegstgeest is where Maurijn Wieringa’s humble beginnings arise. Smoking out of his window and fiddling away on a make-shift pedalboard-of course built on to a somewhat unused skateboard-harboring plenty of teenage boredom and frustration. Several years later the birth of alter ego Mo Bedick is born, Naruto-hair do and DHL socks pulled up to his knees. After the first lo-fi demo EP “KFC Jones”, named after a certain weed strain and the famous Kentucky based chicken franchise, Mo formed a band around him with a few of his closest friends. A few summers later they’re now a fully functional band where everyone’s writing and music influences make the strange combination Mo Bedick is. Accompanied by his closest friends, thanks to their talent and loyalty he is where he is today, no, they are where they are today.

Boredom sounds more like melancholy, frustration has been subdued to a sigh, the chatterbox doesn’t feel like talking today… But it’s not all nostalgia, a start-of-the-summer energy leaks into their music.

Mo Bedick’s EP includes the single ‘Catdog’, one of the more upbeat tunes from the five, still containing synthy interludes to support the general psychedelic vibe of the band, as do the fluorescent animals in the accompanying clip . Next imagine a trippy 70’s acid poster turned into a moving screen, and Mo Bedick’s on one side nodding to his adolescent self, that’s what ‘Getaway’ sounds like. ‘Kit/Kat is where Mo gets into his feelings, if the song really was about chocolate bars, that’s a lot of emotion for sweets. Undoubtedly it isn’t, this is Mo Bedick growing up.
I’ll let the rest of the record speak for itself, SICKO is the name. It’s a wavy delight of synths, guitar solos and reverb soaked vocals, a handshake between energetic slacker (it’s possible) and hopelessly nostalgic sadboi.
– Stella Moore

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