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Opening van de nieuwe expositie van kunstenaar / favoriete stamgast Michiel Muyres.

Michiel always had a passion for the visual arts, but never saw much value in the overcomplication of arts in general. He grounds his work in colors and shapes and believes the exploration of this didn’t end fifty years ago. It still harbors a lot of uncovered depths.

Theory plays the leading role in many contemporary works of art: the true power of art, however, lies in its aesthetic qualities. The obsessive way in which artists try to convey a social or philosophical statement through their work is no formula for good art. The idea behind Michiel’s art is best illustrated with this quote from Lucio Fontana:

“Art has no function or task in a social, moral, or intellectual way. The task of an artist in society consists only of keeping the feeling of being human alive.”

When Michiel visited The European Fine Art Fair of 2008, he saw a 17th-century Dutch landscape painting in which the sky was painted with magnificent stratification. He then had the epiphany that this stratification could also be found in Rothko’s work. This realization forms the basis for the art he creates today: color cards of masterpieces function as a kind of DNA profile of the masterpiece; he eventually translate these colors compositionally in his work.”