VR24feb18:3022:30Opening expo: Sabine Rovers expositiefotografiekunstMoe Oslo x Sabine Rovers

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The new exhibition at Cinetol / Tolbar.

Moe Oslo is a contemporary women’s clothing brand based in Amsterdam, founded by the Norwegian designer Henriette Moe Winsnes. Moe Oslo seeks to challenge and renew the classic female wardrobe. Formal wear made informal. The designer’s mixed background as a construction engineer merged with a fashion design degree is of great importance for the creative work of the brand.

Sabine Rovers is a photographer from Amsterdam, studying at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. She loves shooting on the streets, capturing raw, essential moments, often with an awkward touch to them. Her photos feel real and natural and are never too perfect and posed.

Moe Oslo and Sabine Rovers decided to collaborate, combining the designer’s Building Up collection, inspired by the theme ‘construction’, with edgy, street style images. Together, they want to make fashion feel real again and get rid of the polished, glamour look it so often has.

Friday 24 February 2017.
Free entry.