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We would like to invite you to another event with an interesting personality.
Luc Sala is a Dutch author of many books about psychedelics, VR, cyberspace, identity, and ritual. He is not afraid to voice controversial opinions and touch on important aspects of increasing popularity of psychedelics.

If you are interested to find out more about him before the event, here are two links – one to an interview he conducted with Terrance McKenna in 1996
and a link to an interview that he gave during International Transpersonal Psychology conference in Prague .

His books are available for free download on his website – check for more.

Title of the talk: The future of psychedelics, can we influence our identity?

Psychedelic substances are obviously a tool to help us step away from attachments and ego, but is a trip the ideal way to deal with our identity problems and the way we express it, in our personality? Understanding how we develop our primary and maybe substitute identities is an important step towards finding good and effective therapy models and treatment options. In the present wave of psychedelic research, this is missing. Substances like ayahuasca, psilocybin or MDMA are seen as broad solutions for everything, the snake-oil of self-serving research and monetization of what Albert called ‘sacred drugs’. A critical look at individual characteristics and psychic structure, customizing substances, set, setting and integration rather than broad diagnose/treatment protocols is where the future of psychedelics lies.

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Doors open at 19.30 and the programme starts at 20.00.