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New debate of Amsterdam Global Forum will take place on October 24th at 7pm.

“Resilience at Crossroads – Sustainability & Societal Collapse”

Nowadays we tend to see collapse as an environmental issue, climate change or anthropogenic environmental damage. History tells us of tragic natural disasters, mega-droughts and famines, foreign invasions, warfare, internal conflicts, mass migration and depopulation triggering collapse of ancient societies and civilizations.

Stories and narratives of collapse in popular culture are full of hubris and morality bringing us lessons and myths from the Bronze Age, the Maya and the fall of Western Roman Empire.

Collapse is a socio-political complex process, past societies collapsed because they were unsustainable in the long run and their vulnerability to shocks and disruption increased. When that happened, people’s faith in tradition, authorities, and social order shaked and led to the rejection of a dominant ideology.

In some cases, strategies and response to problems resulted in accelerating collapse. In other cases, civilizations or societies did not collapse or ended abruptly, they declined or went through a socio-political transformation and only a specific political regime or economic system collapsed.

According to some, disruption could also lead to innovation and change as “creative destruction” releasing resources for innovation and reorganization although human costs cannot be ignored.

If resilience is the capacity to absorb shocks, disruption and reorganize while undergoing change and retaining essence, how resilient are our societies today? How resilient are our cities?

Those and other questions will be discussed at debate followed by drinks.

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