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Event Details

The second edition of Shadowfall Festival brings together numerous acts from the Dutch underground wave, EBM and post-punk scene. The event represents an opportunity for showcasing a diverse range of artistic expressions and exploring the ways in which art can be used to express fascination with despair and disillusionment. Established and up-and-coming artists will come together in celebration of the darker, more introspective side of alternative music. DJ Dragnet and duo Reverend Esser will ensure that this band event swiftly transitions into a dance party lasting until the late hours – a feast for the creatures of the night.


The interstellar cosmonauts of Staatseinde landed their spaceship in 2006 to bring their sound, described as ‘Neue-Niederländische-Welle’, to Earth. The result is a theatrical mix of pulsating electro with nostalgic hopeful synthlines, performed live with synthesisers, a sequencer and tantalising vocals.

Instagram | @staatseinde
Spotify | link

Formed in the back seat of an Amsterdam streetcar, this platonic trio combines razor-sharp visuals with an exciting, contemporary take on dark music. IDLΞYES was formed when LAMIA.NN and ARTEMIS decided to work together out of a shared love of the alternative scenes of Japan and London, and guitarist H!D added his flamboyant L.A. influences. The result is a mix of goth, trip hop, industrial and glam: intense, dark, and always danceable.

Instagram | @idleyes_band
Spotify | link

Industrial electro from Eindhoven, influences of DAF and Kraftwerk with a dash of techno and electro. A critical mirror on today’s society, hard but danceable. A hefty handle on the sounds of the 80s but fitting the current zeitgeist, Analog synths and samples vocoders, the future is electro!

Instagram | @xtortnl
Spotify | link

Schwierige Franz
SCHWIERIGE FRANZ makes uplifting, danceable, electronic music with a vintage sound. Without sounding old-fashioned, Schwierige Franz talks, sings, screams in English and German. With influences from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s postpunk and newwave, his music will be like a warm nostalgic blanket that can then also be pulled off of you just like that…

Instagram | @schwierigefranz
Spotify | link

Vonder is a project from the Netherlands formed by young artists Ellenor Vora and Benjamin Sch (Noire Antidote), both of whom have the darker edges when it comes to creating a melancholic atmosphere.

Instagram | @vvvonderrr
Spotify | link

Stay Sick
STAY SICK’s melodic riffs and energetic beats will immerse you in all the exciting things the night has to offer. STAY SICK is a collaboration born in the red alleys of Amsterdam with the aim of getting people moving. ‘STAY SICK keeps bubbling up like acid-reflux following a late-night kapsalon’.

Instagram | @stay_sick
Spotify | link

Richie Dagger
Richie Dagger emerged from the ashes of the psychedelic formation Hooghwater & Dutch / Belgium Punks the Reactionaries. This collaboration between members of the aforementioned bands was not new. Most of them already played together in hardcore punk powerhouse Restless Youth. Get ready for a mix of (Post)Punk & Wave with their own strange dark approach!

Instagram |@richiedagger
Spotify | link

Raw Desire
Raw Desire is an emerging one-man post-punk band from Amsterdam. Although using classic templates from the 80s, the band interprets them with genuine urgency, highlighted by compelling, blistering and emotionally ravaged guitar work.

Instagram |@rawdesire_
Spotify | link

DJ Dragnet
It is no exaggeration to say that DJ Dragnet has dedicated his life to music. The founder of the online music library for obscure wave and gothic records InDepthMusic also works at the iconic shop Concerto in Amsterdam and has several music projects.

Instagram | @dj_dragnet
Mixcloud | link

Reverend Esser
Anne Marie Esser is an essential figure in the Dutch gothic movement. She has played at countless festivals and organised the influential Utrecht event Manifest – an event bringing together post-punk, wave, EBM and synth.

Mixcloud | link

– INFO – 
Datum | 21 september
Deuren | 19:30
Aanvang | 20:00
Tickets | link
Presale | €20
Doorsale | €22

Praktische informatie
Deze show is rolstoeltoegankelijk. Heb je verder vragen over de toegankelijkheid van Cinetol, lukt het niet om online een kaartje te kopen of heb je een andere vraag? Bel ons op 020 248 0186, we zijn bereikbaar op kantoordagen tussen 10:00 – 18:00. Per mail contact opnemen kan ook via