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Shadowfall Festival

Shadowfall Festival is an event that brings together numerous acts from the Dutch underground wave, EBM and post-punk scene. The event represents an opportunity for showcasing a diverse range of artistic expressions and exploring the ways in which art can be used to express fascination with despair and disillusionment. Established and up-and-coming artists will come together in celebration of the darker, more introspective side of alternative music. DJ Dragnet and duo Dissonant Cvpid will ensure that this band event swiftly transitions into a dance party lasting until the late hours – a feast for the creatures of the night.

Hollow Reflection

Hollow Reflection is a 3-piece dark synth act blending wave, punk and EBM.



Somewhere between wave, minimal synth and electro floats the irresistible sound of Raderkraft, aka Amsterdam-based musician and producer Willem Stinissen. Raderkraft was born from Stinissen’s love for early 80’s synth-punk music and its belonging DIY mentality.

Armed with vintage analogue synths, drumcomputers, quirky German and Dutch vocals, equally cold and catchy, playful and hypnotizing, Raderkraft takes you from die Autobahn straight into the galaxy!


Adam Tristar

Adam Tristar was instantly established as a staple name in the minimal synth scene after the release of their debut. Very successful collaboration with Bragolin followed, with a second album released by Young and Cold Records soon after.
The music style is a unique combination of Postpunk and Minimal synth. Uptempo basslines, dark catchy synth-melodies and echoing guitar samples is what you can expect on stage.


De Kraters

De Kraters / The Craters is a One Man Synthband devoted to the golden age of analog electro. On a setup of classic machines they mix explosive synthpunk with elementary Italo. Voices are transformed into vocoder – megaphone – robots. The Craters believe in DIY punk, play everything live, driven by the united force of heroes as Giorgio Moroder, Andi Arroganti and Bobby Orlando.



Cymbaline is a new wave act from Utrecht, making music with analog synthesizers, crappy drum computers and lo-fi vocals. Their music draws heavily on 70s underground and sounds like a combination of British new wave and German krautrock. Dark and recalcitrant music, with an ever-present touch of melancholy. In 2021, Cymbaline signed with German record label Young & Cold records. After releasing several singles and a cassette tape, they released their debut album ‘Computerleven’ in 2022. For listeners of: De Ambassade, Joy Division, Kraftwerk and Neu!. 


De Rivier

De Rivier is a band from Amsterdam. They built up a big reputation in the new wave and alternative electro scene in the Netherlands. Ruben Oosterman makes all the music and Beer Lankhuijzen sings. With their new formed live band, they are ready to go on tour in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Designer violence

Wild synthesizers, untamed beats and emotional vocals. Dutch industrial punk duo Designer Violence formed out of a shared passion for everything gritty, underground and danceable. Armed with an arsenal of synthesizers, samplers and a baritone guitar, the band’s sound crosses the boundaries of post-punk, industrial and techno with raw and wayward flair.


Lifeless past

Lifeless Past is a post-punk band inspired by the goth/new wave/punk movement of the 1980s. The music is known for their chilly drums, smooth guitars and Ian Curtis inspired vocals.The music project ‘Lifeless Past’ was founded in 2012 by songwriter /producer Satori on the island of Curaçao.
After the first demo was well-received in international goth and darkwave circles, Satori decided to go ahead with the project and Lifeless Past as we know it  today was born. The duo has been playing international shows since 2017, including a tour to Los Angeles, California and Mexico.


The Medicines

The Medicines are a post-punk/gothic rock band based in Almere, The Netherlands. Formed in 2012.


DJ Dragnet
Vinyl DJ based in The Netherlands. Founder and music promoter of In Depth Music.
DJ Dragnet plays underrated and obscure post-punk, goth, dark and new wave records from the 80’s and present.


Dissonant Cvpid

Darkwave/EBM/Industrial DJ duo from Amsterdam & Rotterdam.
Enchanting, like Cupid’s arrow with an eclectic mix of bleak, wavey and dissonant tunes to lure you to the dancefloor. Topped off with harsh distorted rhythms.


Etage20:00 – Doors20:20 – De Rivier21:20 – The Medicines22:20 – Designer Violence23:20 – De Kraters00:00 – EndZaal19:30 – Doors20:00 – Hollow Reflection21:00 – Cymbaline22:00 – Lifeless Past23:00 – Adam Tristar00:00 – Raderkraft00:40 – Dj Dragnet
01:20 – Dissonant Cvpid
2:30 – End

Datum | 23 september
Deuren | 19:30
Aanvang | 20:00
Tickets presale | €17
Tickets door | €20
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This event is made possible with the financial support of Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.

Praktische informatie
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