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What to do (and with whom) in the age of the anthropocene, capitalocene, cthulhucene? Donna Haraway has described us as compost, as an ever evolving human and non-human mesh of beings. She calls for a “staying with the trouble” that requires a making kin through unexpected collaborations and combinations, in hot compost piles. If the human does not end at the skin, what are we capable of becoming? To what do the porous boundaries give way?

Simulacrum, magazine for arts and culture, presents: post post post compost, an evening filled with video art, performance, music and text on the occasion of its forthcoming issue: Posthuman. Emerging out of the publication, this evening provides space for a more creative and artistic approach to topics touching on the figure of the posthuman.

Nell Schwan & Moa Holgersson [performance]
Guilherme Manuel [music & ai]
Tobias Groot [ video & ai ]
Stan Litjens [ video ]
Maisa Imamovic [text]

Entrance: FREE

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