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New debate of Amsterdam Global Forum will take place on the 1st of March.

“The End of Liberal Democracy and Rise of Identity Politics”

Identity Politics do not seem to be going away, they are nothing new, also used in the past by left and right.
Described by some as the “graveyard” of Liberalism and an electoral disaster for the left for the benefit of the far-right, giving rise to Trump, Brexit, emerging illiberal democracies in Eastern Europe and authoritarian regimes in other parts of the world.

Is all this product of economic globalized neoliberalism?
Has Politics finally become in the west a battlefield of competing identity groups?
Has cultural identity replaced ideology and class as driven force behind new political movements transforming Politics and established parties?
Are we suffering from cultural anxiety or neocolonial nostalgic hangover in Europe?
Are we witnessing a slow motion end of Liberal Democracy or only the decay of the Anglo-Saxon post-war model?
Is Deglobalization possible in a world of Illiberal Democracies and authoritarian regimes?
Is Democracy being replaced by a political regime that empowers the prejudices of majorities?

Those and other questions will be discussed at our debate followed by drinks.

Tickets and registration by email to mentioning your educational/professional background and topics of interest if you are a new participant.
Entrance ticket €6
Places are limited.

Location in Amsterdam will be confirmed to registered participants by email.

Be part of a community focused on social transformation and innovation for more inclusive, resilient and sustainable societies.

// Donderdag 1 maart
// 19:00
// €6

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