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Vian Izak
Vian Izak writes songs that say you matter in a world that often seems to say that you don’t. In 2016, he launched a project combining otherworldly illustrated characters with emotionally raw alt-pop music in the style of the Gorillaz.

The project took off online gaining a passionate following. His songs are streamed millions of times a month and continue to be shared across the world. Izak has had the pleasure of collaborating with music legends such as Grammy winners Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Coldplay’s violinist Davide Rossi, Juniper Vale, and many more.
As Izak is an immigrant who grew up in the USA without initially knowing English, he understands how it feels to be in a room full of people and still feel lonely. For this reason, he has endeavored to share songs that help people feel heard.
His raw authentic songwriting brings meaning to millions of people a year. He recently released his third studio album “All the Worlds We Built” along with a comic book that explores the marriage of A.I. with humanity which he is currently touring in select locations in the US and Europe.

Instagram | @vian.izak
Spotify | Link

Juniper Vale

What does it mean to be home? Is home a house? Or is it a feeling? Is it the comfort of a warm hug? Or the sound of a favorite song played over and over again? In a world filled with loneliness, Juniper Vale believes that glimpses of “home” are hidden all around us; At the heart of the things that we love and in the moments that make us feel alive.

Sarah a.k.a. Juniper Vale writes songs exploring these topics with an ethereal pop sound. She’s currently releasing monthly singles leading up to her third studio album and has been streamed over 75 million times with over 100k passionate followers online.

Instagram | @thejunipervale
Spotify | Link

Support: Erik Peers

‘I write songs that help you process your emotions so that you can be happy.’ that is what artist Peer Richter, is intending to do with his brand new solo project ‘Erik Peers’
A passionate producer, mixer, and songwriter, the 28-year-old from Cologne Germany produces all his own original songs. In 2013, Peer placed in the top 10 on the TV show ‘The Voice’ in Germany which led to the formation of his band ‘Who’s Amy.’ The band toured constantly since 2016 and had several radio charting singles.
He is now showing his most intimate side with his new English solo project Erik Peers.

Instagram | @e_ptrs
Spotify | Link

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Datum | 24 oktober
Deur | 20:00
Aanvang | 20:30
Tickets | €15 | Link

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