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Something is stirring in the deep.

Zenevloed is honoured to present to you: Drvg CvltvreKujo and Santoine, three spokesmen for the brisk Dutch underground. These live artists are taken from their rave habitat into a concert environment: early, artistic, intimate and intense.

Location: Cinetol, Tolstraat 182, Amsterdam
Price: 12 euros door // 11 (+ 1.40) euros online
Time: 22.00 – 01.30

For this event our performers will be accompanied by guerilla artwork by RandomZineand Maurizio Filippi. Free artwork and stickers of this event (A6 limited press) will be available at the entrance.



Drvg Cvltvre

Since 2009, Vincent Koreman a.k.a. Drvg Cvltvre has been working on his own blend of acid, new wave and experimental.
Widely respected in the international underground scene for his groundbreaking work in experimental techno known as RA-X in the 90′s on labels like Bunker and KK Records, Koreman comes from a DIY punk background, opting for hard work rather than hollow pose.
Now releasing on labels like his own New York Haunted, Pinkman, Poverty is Violence and Diffuse Reality

Look at one of his live recordings at Diffuse Reality Records Barcelona:


Kujo is a sound artist from Beirut, whose philosophy behind the project is in parallel with the concept of his record label Modular Mind. The aim is to acknowledge the past but also to push the envelope of current electronic music experimentation, a core element of the project is to challenge sonic expectations as well as creating cultural spaces based around the sound experience.
Kujo also runs Modular Mind Mastering which caters for an underground network of labels in the techno, ambient & experimental electronics realm ranging from Tokyo / Seoul through to Beirut / Paris & Berlin.
Here you can see some of Kujo’s work and performance:

Video 1:
Video 2:
Video 3:

Upcoming: Dommune set Kujo


His latest release, “Santoine”, is out now on the stellar label Night Gaunt Recordings. As Santoine, Serge Lemm’s debut cassette evokes an atmosphere of beauty and entropy in an ever changing Europe, fluctuating between murky atmospherics and seething industrial. Lemm is also 1/2 of the duo behind podcast series Abyssal: eternal influences of electronic music, infinite depth to darker atmospheres.
Santoine will be making his debut with a live set!

Make sure to check out his soundcloud and one of his performances!